Reece May
The Earth

Building solutions for local and international companies

I am a freelance full-stack developer creating websites and apps with Jamstack services like Prismic, Netlify, Eleventy. I build and maintain Laravel apps and Wordpress sites.

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My skill set allows me to provide fullstack services

If you are a local business trying to improve SEO, an individual getting online or an agency looking for an experienced hand in a specific technology I am there to help.

Website design

Designing custom themes for your website with a complete brand design or a redesign with Jamstack or WordPress website.


I help specifically improve a websites response and performance for SEO. I also help with local ranking

PHP Maintenance

As a PHP developer I offer my clients various PHP related services for Laravel and Wordpress. My most interesting one is a TCP proxy using PHP.

Packaging Designs

For a variety of use cases I can design patterns and packaging designs for your product or brand for once off products to match the rest of the range


Previous work that I have done for customers

I have worked on a range of projects from website design to fullstack web applications. I have also designed functional brand packaging for customers that have required that service.

Garden Thyme

A marketing and product listing website for an flower seedling and nursery company in Kloof. This is a custom designed layout.

prismic nextjs netlify custom


This is a VueJS powered WordPress plugin to provide an interactive calculation and quote generation for customers looking for aluminum fences

wordpress vuejs custom php

Farmhouse Produce

This website was built for a seedling nursery and farm the landing page follows a simple and minimal design.

prismic nextjs netlify tailwindcss custom

GIS Mapping SaaS

ConstructionMaps is a collaborative GIS platform for all construction activities. I rebuilt the main Laravel application and frontend interface to improve performance and functionality.

laravel custom vuejs php

Seedling Management App

This is a seedling and seed management application to provide tracking of seeds and the resulting seedlings to provide traceable information for customers and statistics.

laravel php custom

K'roo Blades

K'roo Blades is a custom Knife building business that has sold knives internationally with respected work. Willem wanted an easy to navigate eCommerce site as well as a managed way to take Custom Order commissions, this was provided through a custom WP plugin.

wordpress custom php

Helpdesk, CheX

This is a custom designed helpdesk system built using Laravel. It features the ability to lock articles to make them accessible only to users registered in the application.

laravel custom vuejs


What do I use to build your project?

I use project appropriate technology (PAT™) to deliver you a product that is usable, extendable and maintainable. I am happy to have experience with frameworks like Laravel, NextJS and Eleventy.


Using Jamstack you can improve your SEO and page ranking over competitors. Increasing potential clients seeing your site. This is a good choice for companies going online for the first time.

VPS hosting, Serverless

Hosting your Jamstack site on Vercel, Netlify or Cloudflare pages will deliver it quicker to a customers device. For specific setups I use Linux servers for Laravel and Wordpress websites. With serverless apps I run them on Koyeb or

Headless CMS

For your content I use Prismic, Sanity or Dato. Depending on your requirements and who will be working with it I will go through using these tools too. If you are used to WordPress I keep that same flow or help you migrate.

Traditional Monolith

Laravel PHP is a modern, active and reliable framework to bring your complex applications to life. I use Laravel to design, develop and build custom business specific applications.

Who's Reece?

✋ that'll be me.

I'm a freelance fullstack and Jamstack developer from Durban, South Africa. Designing physical and digital solutions for 9+ years giving me a broad industry experience. I have designed several sites for different types of clients with international reach like K'roo Blades to local companies like Garden Thyme and Farmhouse Produce